tabla de mes | mk

inspiraciones de la temporada

refer to our specials for chef’s seasonal tabla

tabla de dips | 14

aceitunas, alcachofas, gandules + papitas de yuca

assortment of dips: olive tapenade, artichoke,

pigeon peas + yuca root vegetable chips

tabla de quesos | 18

variedad de tres quesos escogidos por el chef y acompañados

con dulce de guayaba, brevas con arequipe + marconas

selection by the chef’s of three cheeses, served with guava preserve,

figs with dulce de leche + salted spanish almonds

* tabla de ceviches | 18

langosta, salmón  y merluza

ceviches marinated in various citruses: lobster {lemon}+salmon {orange}+hake {lime}


sandwich de pollo | 10

cebollas salteadas y crujientes

grilled free range chicken thighs, sautéed onions, crispy shallots + grandma’s ketchup

mollejas de pollo | 9

cebollas salteadas en mantequilla

chicken gizzards + sautéed onions in butter

sandwich de bistec | 11

cebollas salteadas y crujientes

organic vegetarian-fed beef tenderloin, sautéed onions, crispy shallots + grandma’s ketchup

chorizo al jerez | 9

con aguacate

sautéed spanish sausage and onions in amontillado sherry + avocado

ensalada de bacalao | 10

con guacamole

salted cod salad with fresh guacamole


setas orgánicas salteadas | 9

sobre rodajas de papa dulce

sautéed organic wild mushrooms over grilled white sweet potato slices

papas fritas | 8

con salsa de la abuela

french fries, grandma’s ketchup+ fresh cilantro

rollitos de aguacate | 9

con salsa de ciruelas y cilantro

crispy avocado rolls with prune + cilantro dipping sauce

buñuelos | 9

con salsa de pimientos asados

colombian farmer’s cheese fritters+ roasted pepper aioli

gnocchi de yuca | 14

crema de hongos porcini + queso de cabrales

homemade yucca gnocchi in porcini sauce + cabrales cheese

tortilla de maduros | 12

con salsa rosada y retollos de lechuga

sweet plantain omelette + pink sauce and locally grown organic micro greens



bacalaitos fritos | 12

con brandada y alioli de cilantro

salted cod fritters, brandade + cilantro aioli

coctel de camarones costeño | 12

casquitos de papa roja

colombian shrimp cocktail {onions, red pepper, pink sauce + sliced large shrimp}

served in small red potato cups

*atún salteado con ajonjolí | 14

plátano maduro y alioli de wasabi

sesame seared sushi-grade tuna

served on sweet plantain + wasabi aioli

camarones rellenos de yuca | 12

envueltos en tocineta+ salsa de cilantro y jengibre

yucca stuffed shrimp wrapped in organic bacon + cilantro ginger dipping sauce

*ostras rellenas de plátano maduro | 14

maíz salteado, alioli de pimientos rojos asados + retollos de lechuga organica

locally grown oysters, fried and stuffed with sweet plantain, corn relish,

red pepper aioli+ organic micro greens



bollos con jamón serrano | 9

con salsa de vino tinto y guayaba

white polenta corn toast, serrano ham, red wine + guava sauce

albóndigas | 10

en salsa de guayaba y tomate

organic beef meatballsin guava + tomato sauce

carne mechada+gnocchi de yuca | 16

en salsa de salvia con mantequilla quemada

puerto rican pot roast + yucca gnocchi sautéed in sage brown butter sauce

choripan | 16

chorizo con guayaba envuelto en hojaldre

chorizo and guava wrapped in puff pastry

rollitos de pernil | 16

con ensalada de aguacate y salsa brava+ salsa de cilantro y ciruela

roasted pork and avocado tomato salad crispy roll

with brava sauce + cilantro and plum dipping sauce

CasaB’s menu is based on the reinterpretation of traditional dishes from the Spanish Caribbean, infused with flavors, colors and textures of our travels, memories and life experiences. It reflects our passion for food, to be savored with friends, in the warmth of home.  Our menu is divided into four sections - pinchos, tapas, tablas  (intended to be shared, and meant to be enjoyed without utensils)

¡¡ bienvenidos y buen provecho !!

tabla - wooden board where an assortments of snack are served

pinchos - a vegetable, meat or seafood served over a slice of bread

tapas - appetizer, canape, hors d’oeuvres or small plates served hot or cold

seared tuna - photo by www.anamariacardenas.comhttp://www.anamariacardenas.comshapeimage_2_link_0

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